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Posted on: January 20, 2018

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Here's a theoretical question with practical implications.

In Node.js, is there a way to do interprocess communication between Node apps? I could set it up so both apps have an HTTP server, and the apps could communicate using XML-RPC, so at that level I know it's possible, but I'm wondering about a different, higher-performance, approach.

Suppose I launch two apps from my app. I would do it exactly the way the forever utility does it. Is there some way for an app to call back to forever, and is there a way for forever to call into the app?

That way you could have all kinds of external interfaces abstracted.

All of a sudden you could build a high-level OS for Node. A way for Node apps to share a data space.

This is what we tried to do on the Mac with Frontier. We never convinced Apple to stay out of the way so we could do it. But in Node, with its open source culture, if there was a way for forever to do it, that means there's a way for you and I to too, because of course forever is open source. ;-)

Badaboom. 💥

PS: Of course I may be missing something obvious, a way to do this that I spaced out about. That does happen from time to time.

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