“Let me intrude” vs “I know what I want”


Posted on: December 15, 2017

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Google had the best movie showtimes page, but they shut it down for some reason. I've been searching for a replacement, just found the Rotten Tomatoes showtimes page -- it's pretty good. Its main problem is it's slow to load. The Google movies page was plain and simple, took no time to load. And it did the most important thing, that Rotten Tomatoes also does -- you can view by movie or by theater. So if you feel like going uptown, you can see what's playing, or if you're looking for a showtime for Lady Bird, you can do that too, across all the theaters it's playing in.

I guess Google thought what you needed is movie showtimes mixed in with all your other searches. This is the Let Me Intrude school of advertising. But sometimes you are actually seeking commercial information. You know what you want, it's not an intrusion. Google had exactly the I Know What I Want movies page, and didn't think there was value in it. I guess because they couldn't sell clicks? Maybe they could have gotten a reward like WireCutter's.

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