Net neutrality and exclusivity of ISPs


Posted on: November 23, 2017

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People are getting more vocal about net neutrality because there's a PR campaign to get people to rally behind the cause of the tech companies, which is ridiculous. People would never fall for it if it were Exxon or the NFL intead of Google or Facebook. The tech industry is every bit an American industry, meaning they'll take whatever they want until some entity with more power stops them.

One of the ideas circulating is that your ISP has a monopoly, owns the only way for you to get to the Internet, but that's an old idea, it's no longer true. Where I live the wireless vendors are just as fast as the wired ISP. The cost is still prohibitive, I still need wifi, but given an economic incentive to replace Comcast and Spectrum et al, some wireless vendor is going to step in, probably the smaller ones who aren't yet owned by one of the big ISPs. Google could buy Sprint for example, and provide a route-around.

In other words if a market develops for neutral Internet access, there's no reason a service can't rise to meet the demand. And remember Google and Facebook have already kicked the legs out from under the web. It's on the floor screaming for mercy. These are not cuddly cute baby squirrels, they're unregulated robber barons with the best PR ever, for now at least.

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